Avail of rates as low as Rs. 11 upto Rs. 3131 on a Single Occupancy for a ZEN.

Every month, special rate opens up for one hour for one day of every month for the next Season and get a double “date” treasure. Stay on a 1st at Rs. 11 plus taxes, on a 2nd at Rs. 22 plus taxes and so on till on a 31st at Rs. 3131 plus taxes.

Hunt online and Find this TREASURE of the lowest room rate at The Shalimar Hotel.

Rate valid for ZEN series on a Single Occupancy only and includes Breakfast.

This rate is on a non-refundable and non-amendable basis. Full payment in advance.

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The Shalimar takes you back to your Childhood…..

T: 022 6664 1000

F: 022 6664 1010

E: info@theshalimarhotel.com


The Shalimar Hotel, Mumbai

August Kranti Marg

Mumbai 400 036


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This offer cannot be combined with any other offer!


Bookable only through the hotel website!

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