The Shalimar Hotel, Mumbai
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The Shalimar Hotel

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The Shalimar Hotel
August Kranti Marg, Mumbai 400036. India.
Telephone :- +91-22-6664-1000
Facsimile :- +91-22-6664-1010
  General Manager : Manoj Mathew  

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 GDS codes
 Chain Code  Code
 Amadeus (1A)  YX  BOM089
 Galileo  YX  71705
 Sabre  YX  127415
 Worldspan  YX  BBMOX
 Pegs ADS (WB)  YX  61506
 Travelweb (HD)  YX  61506
 Sales Offices
 Mumbai Sales Office
 Telephone  +91 22 66641000
 Facsimile  +91 22 66641010
 E-mail  sales@theshalimarhotel.com
 Delhi Office
 Aura Hotels India  Mr. Rajnish Sabharwal
 Mobile  +91 8010115577
 E-mail  sales@aurahotelsindia.com
 Website  www.aurahotelsindia.com
 Bangalore Sales Office
 E-mail  blrsales@theshalimarhotel.com
 Ahmedabad Sales Office
 Email  ahdsales@theshalimarhotel.com
 Pune Sales Office
 Email  punesales@theshalimarhotel.com
 UK Sales Office
 Mobile  +44 7793 772829
   + 44 7768707150
 E-mail  ashish@aurora-hospitality.com
 Website  www.aurahotelsindia.com
The Shalimar Hotel, Mumbai
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The Shalimar Hotel, Mumbai