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Mumbai Facts

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Mumbai is a cosmopolitan melting pot of flavours, from just about every corner of India. While the local language remains Marathi, the national language of Hindi is widely spoken and understood anywhere you go. English remains the choice of language for business and is widely understood all over Mumbai.

The Indian Rupee (Rs.) is the local unit of currency which you can exchange for at the hotel's Front Desk. Credit Cards are also universally accepted. Traveller's Cheques may be encashed at banks or at one of the many currency exchange bureaux located across the city.

Mumbai is served by the Chatrapati Shivaji International and Domestic Airport. Both airports are located about 45 minutes from the city and are primarily serviced by taxis. The two airports are about 10 km apart, which is important to note when planning to connect between international or domestic flights.

The new flyovers and the 'sea link' are making travel around Mumbai city quicker and more comfortable.

Business hours in Mumbai city are generally from 9.30am to 5.30pm, while downtown banking is from 10.00am to 3.00pm. Retail outlets and shopping are accessible after 10.00am until 9.30pm almost daily, except on a weekly holiday. The addition of a 10% service charge or 'tip' to hotel and restaurant bills is customary.

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