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Mumbai! India’s most energized gateway city and window to the world traveler, centre for trade, commerce and industry and home to ‘Bollywood’, the largest film industry in the world!

Wikipedia takes the name “SHALIMAR” to a diverse & multi faceted presence ……the royal Moghul gardens, interestingly a town by that name in Florida (US), a flagship fragrance of a famous parfum house, a movie, a royal navy ship, a gemstone …..and of course a Hotel in South Mumbai.

“We, at The Shalimar, have drawn..” inspiration of our name from the gemstone. Before a diamond shows its prismatic canvas of colors it stands to undergo a fine deal to reach its radiant value …. our Hotel has also journeyed through 52 years to achieve that brilliancy. Time’s definition of perseverance is a diamond and we are proud to draw our personality from its ethos.

The Shalimar Hotel is a trend setting 4 Star property located downtown, within South Mumbai’s elite residential enclave. The surrounding precinct is a Shopper’s paradise and a fashionable hub of social activity and nightlife.

Approximately a 40 minute drive from the Mumbai airport, The Shalimar Hotel is close to Mumbai’s business district, hospitals, shopping and entertainment. The hotel offers trendy and timeless elegance, warm personalized service and a uniquely enjoyable hospitality experience.

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