Egypt Room

Ancient Egypt, a name that magically conjures a plethora of iconic images.

The awe inspiring canvas of a land representing the regalia of the powerful Pharoahs, the grandeur of monumental architecture, colossal pyramids to reflect eternity amidst mighty sand dunes, mysterious funerary practices of embalming, sacred glorification of divinity and the legendary pictorial hieroglyphics script of visual rules and deep meanings.

In the 19th century, hieroglyphics which as per the ancients were the “words of God” were deciphered to the modern world and thus was translated the rich codified ethos of three thousand years of historical Egyptian significance. These stylized symbolic inscriptions are the arterial styling of our Lifestyle Suite “Egypt”. Nothing overbearing, subtle artefacts of antiquity, color patterns executed in shades of quiet soft ivory blended with a smear of the flax hue, a touch of raw sienna & the patina of ochre form our sleek ode of the famed land of the riverbank.

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